The Ultimate Toon Blast Cheats to Get Unlimited Coins

Hey folks! Are you looking for a safe and easy way to earn more coins on Toon Blast? Looks like you’re in luck because that’s exactly what I’m going to be talking about here. Keep reading for toon blast cheats guide and all the how-tos.

You see, I know just how frustrating it is to be stuck in one level for days just because of a few coins. My team of developers has come up with an optimized Toon Blast hack tool that actually works! The goal is to help you generate coins without spending a dime and of course instantly! In this guide, I’ll be unveiling our fool-proof Toon Blast cheats that will help you access free coins through our simple coin generating tool. As a bonus, I’ll also drop in some pro tips to help you become a savage in no time.

Toon Blast App Description

Toon Blast is a popular puzzle game that has taken over the world industry. If you have been a fan of Candy Crush, then you’re going to love this one. 

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The game incorporates similar puzzle dynamics of Candy Crush and other related games, but it has taken it up a notch with its own unique challenges, making it more addictive on the go. The game is suitable for all ages, and anyone with an android or iOS device can play it. Just download the app from Google Play or the Apple app store. You’ll find several interesting, and cool innovations throughout the game that adds to the fun. First, it lets you use unique combos to help you progress from one level to another. Next, you can use boosters, which are items that help you to complete levels quickly.

You also receive stars every time you complete a level. You can use these stars to unlock exclusive rewards and items that further helps in easing up some challenging levels. Aside from it, you also get to build your own squad and compete with other players. You may ask, why to bother about toon blast cheats when you can simply earn stars or use these special combos. Our hack toon blast lets you explore the maximum feature of this game by giving you unlimited coins and boosts. Keep reading, and you’ll find out more about why.

Why use Toon Blast Hack?

If you’re smart enough, you’ll already have figured out that you need essential elements to play this game. One of them being “life.” Every player gets five lives when they first start playing. This is vital as it lets you to either repeat a level or move to another. The problem here is that every time you fail a mission, you lose a life. This forces most gamers to purchase additional lives from the game’s in-shop. The in-shop and real money option replace by the toon blast hack ios android tool.

Alternatively, you can use 100 coins to regain your five lives. If you ask me, this is a good investment as it significantly improves your gameplay. However, just like lives, you only get a limited number of coins. And when you’re hooked on to such an addictive game, most players are tempted to look for toon blast cheats and hacks, only to find out that they don’t actually work.

I have tried so many of these tools and have experienced first-hand why they don’t work and what it lacks. My team of talented developers has been able to develop a toon blast coin generator aka toon blast cheats that would help you acquire free coins.

What is Toon Blast Blast Cheats and Hack Tool?

The best Toon Blast Cheats are obviously ones that would help you gain free coins. But the only way to acquire it is with the help of a reliable cheat toon blast. Unlike other similar software out there, our generator for both Toon Blast hack ios and android is a tool that will help you gain access to free lives as well as coins for the game.

It is the most recommended and safest application out there as it provides three essential elements – clarity, safety, and efficiency. In other words, we have applied unique codings and programmings to ensure security. Moreover, due to the fact, our toon blast free coins generator is fully hosted and managed in the cloud, you are not at any risk of potential virus or malware exposures.

How to Get Free Coins?

Because our toon blast cheats tool uses specially written encryption, anti-detection scripts, and proxy servers, staying anonymous isn’t an issue. When earning free coins, you would also be glad to know that connecting the application with your account on the game server is fully automated and doesn’t require you to have any specific knowledge. All you need to do is click on the link, which will redirect you to our Toon Blast free coins generator. Just fill in your username, the number of coins you need, and bam! Your wish fulfilled. Yup, it’s that simple.

Pro Tips

● Start at the bottom: While looking for combos, always start at the bottom. In doing so, you not only gain more new cubes, but it also increases the chance of compressing same colored cubes together.

● Think carefully: This is a very strategic game, and so you need to think very carefully before you tap. If a specific color isn’t available, look for other colors that are revealed when the previous combos are removed.

● Unlock more combos: Try to unlock more combos. One way to do this is by merging five cubes or more. When you combine five bricks, you will receive a rocket, a seven will give you a bomb, and a nine will get you a disco ball.

How to Acquire More Coins on Toon Blast?

Aside from using our toon blast hack tool, there are other ways to acquire additional coins on Toon Blast. They are:

● Connect to Facebook: Connecting your game account with Facebook will get you a bonus of 100 coins. You can use it to purchase five complete lives. Aside from gaining free coins, you’ll also be able to play the game through any device. Just connect to your FB account, and you’re good to go. Also, you won’t have to worry about losing your game as you can recover everything if you link your account to Facebook.

● Join a team: You can also earn additional coins by joining a group. You’ll gain 100 free coins, which equals another five lives. It also allows you to interact with other players.


Toon Blast is undeniably a fun and incredibly exciting puzzle game, and you’ll surely have a good time playing it. This also means that it’ll be very addictive, and with the limited coins and lives you get on the game, it can be frustrating sometimes. Fortunately, by using our Toon Blast Hack application, you’ll no longer have to worry about gaining additional coins. Just focus on the fun part, the combos, and claiming rewards.