The Ultimate Guide to Play Toon Blast Like a Pro

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What is Toon Blast?

The toon blast is a popular and engaging online game set against the backdrop of a cartoon universe. It requires the player to line up colored blocks or cubes to clear each level and also gain some boosters by removing the obstacles. Clearing certain levels can land you in the option of playing with groups online and chat with other users. 

Characters – It is fun to play along with the cartoon friends like Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, and Bruno Bear.

Unique Features of the game

The online game is loaded with a lot of add on features to help it make a safe and fun experience. 

  • It is simple and easy to follow with cute cartoon characters
  • It does not force the players to go through the promotional ads while playing.
  • The chat feature can be disabled if parents are not comfortable with kids using it.
  • There are filters set up in the chat feature to stop the use of foul or swearing language.

How do I play the game?

The first chapter of the game will give you a sneak peek into all the different types of challenges that you might encounter as the game advances. So, if you play the first level carefully, you should be able to traverse through the game with ease. 

Let us give you some hacks on how to play it like a pro

  • Bottom-up approach – To clear the levels like a pro, do not jump in to clear the similar colored blocks in the middle or top of the board. Target the blocks at the bottom line so that you can allow more blocks to fall from the top and make matches with a greater number of blocks. 
  • Create Power pieces – Clearing a set of more than three will give up more points and new tools such as the rocket, a bomb, or the disco ball, which will help in creating huge matches that will increase your score and also clear out most of the troublesome obstacles.
  • Use the boosters – the hammer, boxing glove, anvil, and the dice that you can access from the Toon Chest at every 10 levels. These help in clearing a goof number of blocks at one go. It is best to use the boosters you have saved when you are short of moves.
  • The balloons, rubber duckies, and bubbles – Get the balloons cleared by merely matching the blocks, the duckies are a bit messy as you have to get then to the bottom of the board to free them. The bubbles can also be cleared by matching the blocks. Creating rockets at this stage will help you remove the obstacles quickly.
  • Collect more stars and coins – As you proceed with the light bulbs and crates, the game becomes more complex, and it is easy to run out of moves. You can always join the group of fellow players after level 20 to give or gain hearts and coins. If you give a heart to a person in need of life, you will get back coins in return. This will help you attain all the goals with the hearts that can be used for the retries.

Make sure you are in an active group. Also, look out for posts that might be objectionable as some users have worked their way around the filters. Otherwise, it is 100% fun and entertaining. Happy Playing!

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